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What is the Directory?
The Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Directory gives educators, community programmers and organizations a resource that outlines what is available in arts and heritage education programming within the City of Thunder Bay.

Fees/payment must be negotiated with the organizations or individual artists.  As a reference, CAHEP pays artists a fee of $60.00/hour.  Materials and supplies are an additional cost.

The Directory is separate from CAHEP’s program rosters that are provided to schools, community groups, and organizations who are participating in our programs.  It allows groups to contact artists directly to book their own programs outside of CAHEP.

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Getting Started: Suggestions for Educators/Organizations and Artists


Individual Artists (Dance, Drama, Performance | Cultural Programmers | Literary Arts | Music | Visual Arts )

Arts Organizations (Dance, Drama, Performance | Literary Arts | Music | Visual Arts )

Community Groups (Dance, Drama, Performance | Literary Arts | Music | Visual Arts )




Disclaimer:  CAHEP is only responsible for providing this information as a resource. How you choose to use it is up to you. Users of this Directory are asked to contact the organizations, groups, guilds or artists to determine their suitability in meeting their needs.

Through public ads, announcements and notices, CAHEP has made every effort to include as many organizations, groups, guilds and individual artists as possible. The information provided is based upon data supplied and written by the organizations, groups, guilds and artists. CAHEP welcomes any new local artist, guild, group, association or organizations involved in either arts or heritage to submit their information to be included in our website directory.  Please send us an email for information!

We do our best to keep the Directory as up to date as possible.  If you happen to find a listing that is out of date, please let us know and we will correct it!