Most of the individual artists listed in the Arts and Heritage Directory have delivered programming in schools or with community groups.

For Educators, Community Groups, and Organizations 

Information for those interested in Booking Arts Programming through the Directory

1. Take time to review the Directory and find the artist(s) or organization you are interested in working with.

2. Contact the artist/group by phone or email to discuss a partnership/collaboration with them.

3. Set up a meeting to get to know each other and discuss projects further.  Ask the artist to bring along examples of their work.

4.  Make sure you discuss fees with the artist during your initial contact, and that you have a budget to honour their time, skills, and supplies needed for the project.

5. Know who will be arranging for any supplies for the project.  Do you have any materials in storage?  Will participants be bringing along things from home?  Will the artist purchase materials directly?

6. Make sure you let the artist know whether or not they are able to photograph/film participants or whether you would prefer they photograph finished artwork only.  Ensure photo releases are distributed and returned by participants.

7. Arrange a schedule and begin!

8. Take time to evaluate the project with the artist, both during the workshop, and after.  What worked?  What could have been done better?  What was the best part of the project?  This helps artists adapt projects for future use!

Please read our disclaimer about directory use.

Suggested Questions for Educators to ask an Artist or Heritage Programmer

  1. When was your most recent school or community visit?
  2. Do you have experience teaching and/or working with young people?
  3. Are you a professional artist?
  4. Do you have an up-to-date Police Record Check and a current T.B. Test?
  5. May I look through your portfolio?

Please note: CAHEP is available to provide our expertise to coordinate projects for you based on your specific interests for an additional fee.  Please email for information.  


For Artists Contacted to Deliver Programming

Suggested Questions for an Artist or Heritage Programmer to ask an Educator or Community Group:

  1. What education/teaching experience do you have in the arts?
  2. Would you like to see my portfolio?
  3. Are you willing to commit fully to this project by being present at all times and by actively engaging in the lesson with the students?
  4. Are you willing to collaborate on specific programming ideas so the expectations of the educator, artist, heritage programmer and students are met?
  5. Are you willing to have the space required  made available during the times the artist or heritage programmer is in the school? (Ie. gymnasium, library, classroom, computer room)
  6. Do you have a budget for this project?  This is a good time to let them know about any fees related to your program delivery so there aren’t any surprises later!

Suggestions for Artists beginning a collaboration
When you arrange a time to meet an educator/organization, bring along the following information to help give them an idea of the types of project(s) you can deliver.

Suggested things to bring along to your meeting:
– Artists Biography
– Professional CV or resume
– Examples of your work (photos, website, videos, recordings)
– Description of past shows, workshops or residencies for/with young people.
– Examples of student work from your workshops or residencies. (Photos/websites/blog entries)
– Your Availability
– Copy of your Criminal Background Check and T.B. Test or letter that states the process has begun.
– References (including contact information) from at least 3 educators, community programmers or collaborators in relation to your show/work for/with young people.
– Other promotional or support material. (articles, awards, etc.)
– Knowledge of the Ontario Core Arts and Core Curriculum for school projects.