CAHEP relies on the ongoing support of amazing and creative community members who enrich and enhance our programming!

A huge thank you to the many parents, guardians, siblings, and friends of CAHEP who help us deliver our programming and, all of the anonymous donors who help us fund our projects.

National Youth Arts Week at Superior High School

A shout out to all of the arts supporters who helped CAHEP in 2017-2018!

Rob Magnusson, Danielle Williams, Rebecka Angell, Louisa Costanzo, Heather Uchman, Isabelle Lemée, Pauline Sameshima, Linda Bruins, Lisa Milani, Jasmine Burke, Cherie Burke, Nathan Burke, Dalton Shapwaykeesic, Tyson Belmore, Stacey Routhier, Laura Donahue, Bill Nicholson, Albert Aiello, Cassie Thornton, Maria Deflaviis, Todd Dufresne, Judy Mayor, the Mayor clan, Maxine McCulloch, Angie Jensen, Lorraine Cull, Angela Benedict, the Painted Turtle, Selena Baxter-Cheesequay; Kristian Hodgins; Sidne Hodgins; Nicole Croes; Paul Wojda, Aya Wadi, Fiona Blaikie, Kristen Krievin; Lorie Walker, Brian, Carolyn Baxter, Samaria, Brandon, Yvonne Murray, Cecelia King, Mykola Cuthbertson, Oliver-Paipoonge Public Library Volunteers, Patricia Madder, Carlee Hakenson, City of Thunder Bay — Recreation and Culture Division staff and volunteers, Betty Carpick, Carol Kajorinne, Marcia Arpin, Tine Schrijvers, Katy Poirier, Tom Collins, Yuk-Sem Won, Kevin Element, Chris Merkley, John Zussino, Holly Rutgum, Chloe Dufresne, Lisa Kortewig, Julie Bargiglione, Sandra Goodick, Amber Bail, Steve Jobbit, Rafa Jobbit, Emma Woodley, Vonnie Cheng, Solomin LalDin, Elizabeth Buset,

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