Welcome to our 2015-2016 Artists in the 5th Artist Roster!
Thank you for your interest in the 2015-2016 Program.

The program is now fully booked for the season.  We had an overwhelming number of requests this year since releasing booking information to schools in early October.  We are so pleased to see enthusiasm for the arts growing as it is, and we do our best to accommodate as many projects as possible with our limited budget.  We look forward to seeing all Water’s Wisdom projects presented on-stage at the Arts Fiesta on Wednesday February 24th, 2016 at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

For schools who are still interested in engaging in the arts and who have budget to support programs, please email Eleanor Albanese, School Program Coordinator (artistsinthe5th [at] gmail.com) for details.
We have:
a) Opportunities to participate in CAHEP’s General Arts Programming.
b) An online directory (soon to be published), that will provide schools interested in booking programs independently of CAHEP with the names and contact information of artists who work through CAHEP, along with some fee suggestions.

Artists in the 5th Booking information

Below is a list of available artists for Artists in the 5th this year:

Performance Artists (Dance/Drama/Music/Creative Movement)
Visual Art/New Media/Craft

To Participate in the Program:

1. Read through the Artist Roster and select your top 3 artist choices, or select the arts discipline you would like to work in.
2. Contact Eleanor Albanese, Program Coordinator at artistsinthe5th [at] gmail.com to book your artist and for more information on next steps.

What is the cost for the program?
$300 per class.  This fee is approximately half of the cost of hosting an artist in your class.  The other half is subsidized through grants secured by CAHEP. This fee, to be paid at the end of your project, helps support the cost of:
a) Your collaboration session with the artist (1 hour)
b) In-class sessions with the artist (up to 7 hours)
c) Supplies for the project
d) Admission to the Arts Fiesta for participating students/educators
e) Evaluation and documentation of the project

CAHEP is a non-profit charitable organization.   We rely solely on grant funding and fees provided by our partners to run our programs.  The enthusiasm for the arts both within schools and the community is rapidly growing, and we cannot always accommodate all project requests we receive.  We urge schools to book programming early in order to secure a spot.

PLEASE READ: There is a key change made in our booking process this year:  Educators are now asked to contact our School Program Coordinator, Eleanor Albanese at artistsinthe5th [at] gmail.com to book their project, rather than contacting artists directly.  Please have your top 3 artist choices selected (or an idea of the arts discipline you would like to explore). Eleanor will provide you with more information when you get in touch with her.