This year, we have an exciting list of visual artists participating in our program.  Some have been working with us for years, and others are brand new!  To book a visual artist for Artists in the 5th, please read through the artist bios, select your top 3 choices, and contact Eleanor Albanese at artistsinthe5th [at]  She will provide you with more information.

Kathleen Bedard
Mixed Media
Kathleen has an Honours Bachelor of Art and Education from Lakehead University. She has had experience working with a wide variety of media ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture,mixed media creations and installations. She has had experience sharing the visual arts with children of all ages through partnerships with the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, local art programs and schools. Her focus with youth has been to inspire exploration and encourage the development of self expression through an inquiry based approach.

Barbara Benwell
Visual Art/Textile/Media Art/Craft
Barbara Benwell is and artist and educator from North Western Ontario. She received her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and her Bachelor of Education degree at Lakehead University. She has a passion for all things creative and works in a whole range of mediums from painting, drawing and printing to textile, digital and craft. She can offer a wide range of art projects for youth and especially likes to focus on holistic teaching methods. Benwell is currently on an extended maternity leave from teaching high school art in Geraldton, Ontario, but would still like to keep spreading her love of the arts to the next generation.

Pam Cain
Visual Art
With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and training in arts and heritage education Pam has been involved for over thirty years in programming and administration for arts and heritage organizations. She believes in allowing participants to explore art to create their own unique style. Through the introduction to art techniques and materials, learners can develop tools that analyze and interpret concepts and allow for creative expression. Pam encourages the creation of art as a tactile experience and engage participants in activities that involve manipulation of materials and use of senses. Through this approach participants are able to develop stronger associations and concepts are learned. Art is used as a medium to explore personal associations within the community and celebrate identity.
Pam’s own work explores a variety of media to create pieces that range from realistic drawings to abstract sculptural forms and explore colour and form and the use of texture and line. Her favourite techniques include drawing, pen and ink, painting in acrylic and watercolour, papermaking and collage, sculpture, plaster, textiles, paper-mache, and combining art and word.

Brian Holden
Mixed Media/Printmaking
Brian has considerable experience in different areas of the visual arts but his extensive experience in printmaking is what stands out. This includes relief block, plate etching, silkscreen and several other printmaking techniques that incorporate the use of non-toxic materials. In addition he also offers projects that incorporate other media including digital photography, digital video, collage, mix media, 3D art, painting and drawing. He has considerable experience as an Arts Educator who regularly visits regional schools through CAHEP programming and the Artist in Education program through the Ontario Arts Council.

Natalie Hotson
Mixed Media/Craft/Textile
Natalie is an artist/educator working in Thunder Bay. She has worked in the community and in school system. She has worked with children, youth, adults and seniors. She has done a large range of art projects, some of her favorites are: printmaking, mixed media, improv, painting, shibori tie dye and loom-beading.

Katie Hughdie
Katie is a fabric and textile artist who specializes in doll making. Her background in education gives her a well rounded platform for art instruction with children. She is passionate about teaching sewing skills in a fun, creative format. Katie works frequently in the community by running sewing clubs for children as well as sitting on the Executive Council of Artisans Northwest.

Carol Kajorinne
Mixed Media
Carol Kajorinne (HBFA) is an emerging artist born and raised in rural Thunder Bay, Ont. Since completing her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts at Lakehead University, Carol has spent her time creating art in various forms including: welding steel, painting, assemblages, wearable art, music, and performance. Over the years, Carol has been developing her skills as an art instructor – working at various facilities for organizations such as: Willow Springs Creative Centre, CAHEP, and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Judy Mayor
Judy is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose works have been accepted to juried shows nationally and internationally. Judy expresses her passion for art and her love of nature, animals, and wildlife through vivid and life-like works. She enjoys helping children express their creative minds using art. Different mediums she can work in include acrylic paint (on stones or canvas), ink and pencil, and watercolours (used for landscapes and still-life painting).She has created wall murals, multi-medium collages, and other works with students in local schools.
She has also worked with community centres doing various art projects with the children. These included recycled collage pictures, butterfly branches and tie-dye. Having worked with CAHEP for over ten years , Judy has gained much experience working with children.
She has also worked with the Legions, schools and veterans painting ceiling tiles pertaining to war. When it comes to art and creating , the skies the limit.

Tine Schrijvers
Tine Schrijvers has worked with CAHEP since 2012. She has 30 years of experience in Secondary Visual Arts developing courses and teaching pottery, jewellery silversmith techniques, glass slumping and etching, copper enameling, fabric arts, and silk painting, as well as design, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture and works in a broad range of mediums. She has also taught glass etching and pottery workshops to elementary school children. She is a practicing artist and has had her work in shows in China and in Ontario. She has an HBFA, University of Saskatchewan, B of Ed Lakehead University and Honours Specialist Visual Arts, University of Toronto.
Her passion is teaching art and inspiring students to express their creative selves.

Dayna Slingerland (French/English)

Dayna is an emerging arts educator originally from Penetanguishene, Ontario, who now resides in Thunder Bay. She holds a teaching degree from Lakehead University, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Education at Lakehead University. Her research focusses on the enriching potentials for community-based arts education.

During her time in the North, she has facilitated craft circles at a number of local schools, acted on the Board of Directors of Willow Springs Creative Centre, and is a volunteer for many local arts organizations. Dayna has worked with CAHEP through their community programming, offering workshops in sewing, needle and wet felting, and DIY mitten making using recycled wool sweaters.

Dayna enjoys working with felt, be it needle felting, wet felting, or nuno felting. Her experience includes creating art pieces using natural materials as well as engaging with textiles. Currently working in the realms of artist, teacher and researcher she honors the process of art making as well as the final product.