Artists in the 5th – Arts Fiesta

Our Artists in the 5th – Arts Fiesta Roster & Program is now available!

About the Program

Artists in the 5th is an in-school program for students in grades 4, 5, and 6.  Working together with local professional artists, educators and their students receive the opportunity to work together to create projects in dance, drama, literary arts, music, new media, and visual art.  All projects are inspired by a theme.  The theme for Artists in the 5th projects this year is Water’s Wisdom!  In-class projects take place from December to February

All projects are showcased at a one day celebration called the Arts Fiesta.  Performances are presented on a professional stage, and visual art projects are showcased in a pop-up art display, both at the actual event, and in the community after the Arts Fiesta concludes.  This year, we are thrilled to be bringing the CAHEP Arts Fiesta to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.  The date is February 24th, 2016.  Visual artwork will be showcased both at the Auditorium and in a community location, TBA.