Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday everyone!  We know that Mondays can sometimes get you down, so we thought we’d share a little arts education inspiration to help boost your creative spirits.

In April this year, local Thunder Bay artist Derek Khani worked with Grade 5 students at Ecole Franco Superieur to create some wonderful, whimsical stop-motion videos for our Artists in the 5th program. Students sculpted, drew, and created some pretty elaborate sets and characters, then designed and filmed their own stories. We love seeing what happens when great minds come together to create art!

So many incredible videos were created.  Check out Johnny and the Whale and a re-telling of the classic Three Little Pigs.

Artists in the 5th 2014 – Johnny and the Whale from CAHEP ThunderBay on Vimeo.

The Three Little Pigs from CAHEP ThunderBay on Vimeo.

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