Art to the Streets

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This mobile program provides free, multidisciplinary arts programming in partnership with neighbourhood organizations and community groups. Launched in 2013, Art to the Streets is fueled by the ideas and voices of under-represented individuals in neighbourhoods throughout Thunder Bay.

Rooted in community arts, projects are inspired by and respond to the stories and interests of participants, and delivered where participants live and play. We work with participants to decide on the projects they want to explore.  This collaboration supports the interests of participants and encourages a greater sense of connection to one another and to their community.

Workshops in 2015-2016 included:

Shadow puppetry with Zoe Gordon; Community Garden Parade with Carol Kajorinne; Starting from Scratch Intro to Digital Music with Jordan Burnell; Off the Wall Street Art Workshops with Alana Forslund; Media Arts with Michelle Derosier and Sarah Furlotte; and much, much more!

2016-17 Community Partners/Neighbourhoods:

Evergreen a United Neighbourhood at the Evergreen House and at Minnesota Park in the Simpson Ogden area. Participants include children, youth, families, and seniors.

Community Action Group and parks in the Blucher/Picton/Windsor area.
Participants are children ages 4-12 and youth 12+.

Inside Out Community Art Studio in Victoriaville Centre in Downtown Fort William.
Participants include neighbourhood children, youth and their families.

Generously supported by:
Johansen Larsen Foundation, United Way of Thunder Bay, District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board, Intact Foundation, Telus, and individual donations through Canada Helps.