While CAHEP’s C-E Art is made up of several streams, all are based on utilizing the power of art to improve the lives of under serviced participants in socially marginalized locales. Our C-E Art Program includes CAHEP’s: Art to the Streets Program, which delivers art projects to youth and children at Evergreen A United Community, Community Action Group, and the Boys and Girls’ Club (Windsor Street); Inside Out Community Art Studio, located in Victoriaville Civic Centre, where free, arts programming and open studio time for neighbourhood children, youth, and their families are offered on a weekly basis; Rural Arts Program, which provides free arts education opportunities in the surrounding non-urban areas of Thunder Bay; Speak Up Arts Program, a weekly program that brings empowering, leadership-focused art projects to a group of under-represented grade 7/8 girls; and, Special Projects, which use art to reach out to newcomers, differently-abled persons, ethnic groups, and other diversely-situated folks.