Inside Out Community Art Studio

Over the past two years, we have been developing a community-driven art space in the downtown south core. Located in Victoriaville Centre, Inside Out Community Art Studio utilizes the arts to engage between 20 and 45 community members each week. A wide range of participants join us, the majority of whom are parents/caregivers and their children and other relatives. We take time to learn about our participants, listen to their ideas, and develop programs that reflect them.  This studio has become a buzzing hub for community members to support each other, create art, share stories, and find common ground.

Programming is drop-in on Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:30pm. The format is project focused and / or open-studio style, where participants can explore an artform, or variety of mediums, with guidance from an artist or staff member.  

Over the past two years, we have heard participants share some wonderful words with us:

“Everyone can put their wishes for what they want and like what kind of art they might want to do. We can make vegetables and people can all write on the vegetables and put them into the soup.” 

“Wow, This place is like a creative persons’ dream! I can’t believe all the amazing stuff you have here. I could literally create anything! This is so nice that I don’t have to go buy all of this stuff if I want to try something new for the first time.”

“The Theatre is really cool. It’s cool that we can put on plays or be on a stage and tell some jokes. We can make costumes and put on a play like Little Red Riding Hood or whatever we want!”

“You should do more parties like this. It’s neat for the kids and us all to be able to celebrate together.”

Inside Out is supported by the Johansen-Larsen Foundation, United Way of Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board, Thunder Bay Community Foundation, John Andrews Foundation, and Victoriaville Centre.