School-Based Programs

Some of CAHEP’s longest running programs have taken place in schools across the City.  We provide:

Artists in the 5th: This school-based arts education program brings professional artists to grades 4, 5, and 6 classes within the Lakehead Public Board, Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board, and Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique des Aurores Boreales.  It has been running since 2003 and has reached thousands of children across the City.

Each year, a theme is offered that is used as a jumping off point.  Our 2016 program was inspired by the theme Water’s Wisdom, and brought over 20 local artists into 23 classrooms to deliver projects that explored cultural teachings, visual arts, new media, dance, drama, spoken word, and sculpture.

This program is in a re-imagination phase for 2016-17.  Check back for more information soon.

Video created by local artist Shayne Ehman, documenting artist Natalie Hotson working with Nor’Wester View School in 2016.

General Arts Programming:
Available for educators looking to collaborate with a local artist in dance, drama, music, literary arts, new media, visual arts, or cultural programming.  We have a roster of over 25 local artists who are able to deliver in-school programs.  Artist fees and supply costs must be covered by your school.

CAHEP staff are available both to recommend artists, leaving the administrative work to educators and principals, or, for a fee, can work with you to schedule and coordinate projects.

These projects can range from a short experiential arts opportunity during one session (1-1.5 hours) to something more in-depth, and product based.

To find out more, please email us!