The Little Book of Self-Care

The Little Book of Self-Care

We’ve got a new project in the works that will become a part of our Tiny Winders: Mini art pop-up shop.

The Little Book of Self Care is a chance for folks to share the best ways they take care of themselves.  It can be done through a drawing, image, single word, a sentence, a list, a poem, or a story. We’ll be developing images inspired by all of your contributions!

Why Self-Care?
More and more we’re seeing self-care discussions take place with our program participants, our artists, non-profit colleagues, and the community.  We thought it was time to build something that will combine art with our own favourite self-care tactics, and share it widely.

How Will It Work?
We’ll be building a page just to showcase what people are sharing, and in the future, be creating a little book of self-care that will be available for sale, and the proceeds will go right back into supporting our inclusive arts programs for children and youth.  Finding even more ways to take care of your well-being (both short and long-term), and nurturing the creativity in others?  We think it’s a win/win situation!

If you’re up for the challenge, please fill out the form below. Take care 🙂

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