Vision & Mission

Strategic Plan, 2021-2024

Vision: Enriching lives through arts and heritage education.

Delivering arts and heritage education programming in efficient and  effective ways by:

*Promoting creativity-creative thinking as a crucial 21st-century competency;
*Recognizing the transformative possibilities of arts and heritage projects; 
*Delivering online and in-person arts and heritage programming via CAHEPʼs In-school and Community-Engaged Art Programs;
*Staging public online and/or physical showcases of participants’ work from CAHEPʼs programming;
*Providing meaningful online and in-person professional development opportunities for Northwestern Ontario new generation, emerging, mid-career, and established diversely-situated artists, i.e., artists from different gender, race, class, culture, ethnicity, age, ability, LGBTIAQ2S+, national, and educational backgrounds;
*Supporting artist-directed programming and/or participant-centred programming facilitated by artists;
*Ensuring accessible and inclusive online and in-person programming for participants;
*Engaging in-community outreach and partnership building with groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds.


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